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Some Things Are Better Left Un-Sent

Ever sent a message and immediately thought “Uh oh”?


Yep, we have too. That’s why WeChat created Recall—the feature that allows you to take a sent message and *POOF* make it completely disappear. Here are some of life’s sticky situations that Recall can save you from.


Too Many Typos

When you’re typing too fast, hit send and realize your message is a mess—Recall.   WeChat-Message-Recall-Feature-Text

Wrong Contact

For the times you send a message to the wrong person or the wrong group— Recall.   WeChat-Feature-Message-Recall

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5 Tips You Can Bring Back to School

Getting back into the back-to-school swing of things? WeChat helps you ace your school life—academically and socially—with all kinds of cool ways to capture, connect and collaborate both in and out of class. Here’s how:


Taking NotesWeChat-Lecture-Favorite-Messages

Use your phone to take notes, snap a shot of the whiteboard, or record what you’re learning in class. Just tap “Me” > “Favorite Messages” > “+”  > Choose Text, Audio or Image. When you’re finished, add a tag such as “History Notes” or “Club Meeting Minutes” to easily find later in your Favorites folder.


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The Art of Posting WeChat Moments

Since the advent of smartphones, the quest for the perfect pic has changed. From the classic skinny-arm pose and oh-so obnoxious duck face, to the omnipresent #selfie and the mouth-watering albums of food porn, cell phone snapshots have become an art form unto themselves. So when you’re using the WeChat Moments feature, how can you take photos that capture moments in all their knee-slapping, tear-jerking glory? Here are our top tips for transforming your moments into masterpieces.


First Thing’s First: Snap a Mobile Masterpiece

Start by cleaning your phone’s camera lense. It sounds basic, but your lense attracts a lot of dust, dirt and smudges, so wiping it clean can be a great way to boost photo quality. Plus it gives your t-shirt another purpose in life.


Next is a secret from the pros called the “Rule of Thirds.” Just visualize a 3X3 grid over your screen, dividing it into nine equal parts. To masterfully compose a shot, make sure important elements are placed along these lines or at their intersection.

Rule of thirds art of moments post

Also, try not to use your flash. Instead, find an alternate light source or try adjusting your camera’s brightness settings. Just don’t touch that lightning icon because no one looks attractive after a flash. NO ONE.


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