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WeChat Thailand’s Sweet Melody of Life  

Melody of Life Thailand Pic 1

WeChatters in Thailand were in for a treat, as the Melody of Life Music Festival in October brought together the best in arts, fashion, movies and music over two fun-filled days. Festival goers flocked to catch a glimpse of their favorite local artists with appearances from Lipta, Blackhead, Mild, and Squeeze Animal sending crowds into a fanatic frenzy.


When they weren’t listening to the sweet melodies of Thailand’s hippest singers, WeChatters had no shortage of entertainment with highlights including the popular Activity Booth, Cheeze Car Boot Salem and an exclusive WeChat VIP Rest Area.


The WeChat Activity Booth was the go-to place for those eyeing off to win cool WeChat gifts, including bags, umbrellas, pillows, cups and inflatable bats. To claim victory, contestants raced it out to see who could be the first to download and install WeChat, who had the most friends or the most official accounts.

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WeChat Thailand Super Sizes Your Stickers

We all know WeChat stickers are more than stickers. Each character has a unique personality that comes to life through animation. But what would you do if your favorite sticker actually came to life, jumped out of your mobile screen and into the 3D world? Take a #selfie with it of course, right?


Well, maybe that’s not the first thing you would do. But it would be pretty close.


To bring the fun of WeChat’s animated stickers to the offline world, the WeChat Thailand team did just this. They turned four of the most popular Thai stickers into life-sized 3D models for people at Siam Square One mall to take pictures with and enjoy. The characters included: Yell-O, LamunLamai, Stir Monkey and Miss Mousie.

Thailand WeChat Sticker Statues

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