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Top 8 Summer Travel Moments from WeChatters Around the World

As summer ends and a new school year begins, we asked WeChatters from around the world to submit their best travel Moments. Check out all the top entries and revisit the awesome places our users went to this summer!

Carcassonne, France Languedoc-Roussillon Jean Pol Bien Experiencing the wonder that is Carcassonne in Languedoc, France – Submitted by Jean Pol B.

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Tech Tip – Your Guide to WeChat Moments

It’s finally Friday, which means we know all you WeChatters have exciting plans for the weekend. We’re here to remind you to share them on “Moments,” because after all – sharing is caring.


To begin your journey to becoming a WeChat Moments master, we’ve answered some of your frequently asked questions to create a handy guide just for you.


How do I access my Moments feed?


Select “Discover” from the navigation bar and click “Moments.”


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Top 10 Food Photos on WeChat Moments

Let’s be honest. There’s nothing better than taking a picture of your beautifully plated food and posting it on Moments. It’s fun to share what you’re eating with your friends, just as much as it is to scroll through Moments and check out what your friends are eating for breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Inspired by our recent WeChow video, we asked our users from all over the world to share with us the food pictures they’ve posted on Moments. In the spirit of hunger and gluttony, we compiled our top food pics into this post for you to gawk and drool over.


This delicious berry tart looks like it was made with love. Picture shared by Heids.

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Savor Life’s Best Moments with WeChat

We are thrilled to release “WeChow” today, the first of two “WeChat in Your Life” videos that highlight how WeChatters around the world can use the app to enhance their everyday lives. Whether it be to communicate their next foodie adventure or to overcome stage fright, these videos tell a few of the great stories behind why we create the features we do.

“WeChow” specifically showcases WeChat’s Moments feature, which empowers users to start conversations around images and share them with their close network of friends. The video centers around one man’s quest for the best bowl of ramen by following a noodle-obsessed guy who spends several days sampling bowl after bowl. He uses WeChat to bring his friends along for the journey, taking selfies and writing his reviews. In the end, he finds more than just the perfect bowl of ramen…but also THE ONE girl to start his next adventure.


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The Art of Posting WeChat Moments

Since the advent of smartphones, the quest for the perfect pic has changed. From the classic skinny-arm pose and oh-so obnoxious duck face, to the omnipresent #selfie and the mouth-watering albums of food porn, cell phone snapshots have become an art form unto themselves. So when you’re using the WeChat Moments feature, how can you take photos that capture moments in all their knee-slapping, tear-jerking glory? Here are our top tips for transforming your moments into masterpieces.


First Thing’s First: Snap a Mobile Masterpiece

Start by cleaning your phone’s camera lense. It sounds basic, but your lense attracts a lot of dust, dirt and smudges, so wiping it clean can be a great way to boost photo quality. Plus it gives your t-shirt another purpose in life.


Next is a secret from the pros called the “Rule of Thirds.” Just visualize a 3X3 grid over your screen, dividing it into nine equal parts. To masterfully compose a shot, make sure important elements are placed along these lines or at their intersection.

Rule of thirds art of moments post

Also, try not to use your flash. Instead, find an alternate light source or try adjusting your camera’s brightness settings. Just don’t touch that lightning icon because no one looks attractive after a flash. NO ONE.


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6 Summertime Smartphone Travel Hacks

Ah, summer, the perfect time to pack your bags and get your travel on. But sometimes, trips don’t go as planned. Group vacations and traveling abroad can be stressful, plus there’s the added pressure of digitally documenting your adventures for friends back home. The good news is there’s an app for all of that – WeChat! Just follow these six easy travel hacks to turn your smartphone into the ultimate travel buddy.


Avoid Overseas Overages

Traveling far and wide shouldn’t require going over on minutes. Instead, use WeChat’s free calling feature to dial anyone on your contact list, free of charge. This also includes video calling. Free is better, simple as that.

Image 1 - Video Calling

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