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Some Things Are Better Left Un-Sent

Ever sent a message and immediately thought “Uh oh”?


Yep, we have too. That’s why WeChat created Recall—the feature that allows you to take a sent message and *POOF* make it completely disappear. Here are some of life’s sticky situations that Recall can save you from.


Too Many Typos

When you’re typing too fast, hit send and realize your message is a mess—Recall.   WeChat-Message-Recall-Feature-Text

Wrong Contact

For the times you send a message to the wrong person or the wrong group— Recall.   WeChat-Feature-Message-Recall

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5 Tips You Can Bring Back to School

Getting back into the back-to-school swing of things? WeChat helps you ace your school life—academically and socially—with all kinds of cool ways to capture, connect and collaborate both in and out of class. Here’s how:


Taking NotesWeChat-Lecture-Favorite-Messages

Use your phone to take notes, snap a shot of the whiteboard, or record what you’re learning in class. Just tap “Me” > “Favorite Messages” > “+”  > Choose Text, Audio or Image. When you’re finished, add a tag such as “History Notes” or “Club Meeting Minutes” to easily find later in your Favorites folder.


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6 Ways to Simplify Your Life with WeChat

6-Tips-To-Simplify-Your-Life-With-WeChatSummer is almost over, which means it’s time to kick things into high gear. With work, school and a social life to juggle, sometimes we all need a little help. Lucky thing you have WeChat to make your life a whole lot easier. Here’s how:


1. Make group chat your best friend

Why have 25 separate chats when you can just form one group chat and communicate with everyone simultaneously? Think about it – one chat to coordinate everything from deciding what flick to see, to sending directions to the theater. You can even avoid those long work email chains!


2. Simplify your chat messages

Next time you’re spending hours drafting a long text message, think about sending a WeChat voice message instead.  You just press and hold the “Hold to Talk” button to record and release to send. Or you can send an animated sticker that perfectly sums up your emotion with one tap.


3. QR codes = boss business cards

You know the routine. Go to a meeting, exchange business cards, enter contact information into phone, then email to follow up.  With WeChat, you can consolidate this into two easy steps. Each WeChatter has a personalized QR code and scanner.  Just scan each other’s QR code after your meeting to add them as a contact then start chatting instantly!

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6 Summertime Smartphone Travel Hacks

Ah, summer, the perfect time to pack your bags and get your travel on. But sometimes, trips don’t go as planned. Group vacations and traveling abroad can be stressful, plus there’s the added pressure of digitally documenting your adventures for friends back home. The good news is there’s an app for all of that – WeChat! Just follow these six easy travel hacks to turn your smartphone into the ultimate travel buddy.


Avoid Overseas Overages

Traveling far and wide shouldn’t require going over on minutes. Instead, use WeChat’s free calling feature to dial anyone on your contact list, free of charge. This also includes video calling. Free is better, simple as that.

Image 1 - Video Calling

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