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Check Into the Smart Room of the Future Controlled by WeChat

Whether it’s through sharing Moments, sending Sights, versing a friend in a favorite WeChat game or just chatting with loved ones, there’s no question – WeChat is helping users to connect their online and offline worlds in more ways than any other chat app in the market. And now, WeChat is bringing you the ultimate feature to help merge your worlds, the ability to control your smart room all from the palm of your hand.


During this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, we partnered with Ayla Networks and Caesar’s LINQ Hotel & Casino to showcase the first connected suite in Las Vegas. By scanning a room-specific QR code, WeChatters were able to connect to the suite and control various aspects of the room remotely through their phones via WeChat.


Imagine walking into your hotel room after a big day out and being able to switch on the lights, open the blinds and curtains and play with the room temperature, all from the comfort of your couch or bed. This and more is possible at the LINQ Hotel connected suite where WeChatters can also control how devices interact with each other. For example, users can pre-program the “sleep” scenario on WeChat so that once selected, the room automatically switches off the lights, closes the blinds and curtains and locks the door.


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Let’s Chat – Follow Chatterbox on WeChat!

WeChatters love to chat and with the launch of the official account for WeChat’s global blog, Chatterbox, you can keep up to date with all the latest from WeChat around the world straight from us. Just search “WeChatBlog” and follow the account.


From the latest product updates to a sneak peek at fun WeChat events happening in your country, the Chatterbox blog is the place to be. The blog brings you everything WeChat-worthy and now with its official account, you never have to miss out on the latest from WeChat.


What will I get from subscribing?

  1. New Blog Post Alerts – whenever we publish a new post, you’ll receive a short message notifying you to check out the latest news. You’ll then be able to read the new blog post directly from your phone
  2. Favorite Blog Post Search – whatever you’re looking for in each category, simply select and it will take you directly to the blog page
  3. Video Search – for the more visual WeChatters out there, we’ve also added in a video section that takes you to our WeChat YouTube channel. Just pick and choose which category you’d like to watch and it’ll take you directly to our YouTube page


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GWI: WeChat Retains Crown as Top Messaging App

GlobalWebIndex, a market research company that conducts the world’s largest multi-market research study on online consumer behaviors and trends, covering 32 markets and representing 89% of the global internet audience, published the following blog post about 2014 mobile trends and how WeChat stacks up in the mobile messaging arena.  We are sharing for our readers, hope you enjoy! 


In the world of digital, 2014 has been the year of the mobile messaging app. From market to market, we’ve seen conversations migrating away from the big social networks and SMS/MMS services as more and more people carry out their conversations via dedicated mobile messaging tools. As a result, the numbers using mobile chat services have been seeing strong quarter-on-quarter increases – with the total global audience growing by 40% since the start of 2013.GWI Mobile Messaging NumbersThe reasons behind the explosion of mobile chat tools are pretty clear to see. Firstly, smartphones have quickly established themselves as an integral part of our daily routines and communication behaviors; globally, 80% of online adults now own a smartphone and three quarters say that they are regularly using the mobile internet. Secondly, and just as significantly, internet users value the fact the messaging apps are free (45%), quick/easy to use (41%), private (29%) and fun (27%). With people no longer wanting to share everything with everyone on social networks, mobile messaging apps have become the ideal place for both one-to-one and group conversations.


As this has been happening, we’ve witnessed a string of high-profile acquisitions as well as the launch of numerous new features and functionalities. But as we approach the midway point of the current decade, what does the mobile messaging landscape actually look like? With GlobalWebIndex’s data allowing all messaging apps to be tracked in a comparable away across 32 different countries, which service is in pole position?


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OMG! BuzzFeed Partners with WeChat to Open Official Account

BuzzFeed, the it-place for “share-worthy” content, has just announced its partnership with WeChat to bring news and entertainment to WeChatters around the world. The partnership is the media company’s first major collaboration with an international messaging app – a big step in broadening the perception of messaging apps as content platforms.

BuzzFeed on WeChat

“As we start to see an increase of readers share content via private messaging, coupled with the rapid growth of mobile, we’re looking for new ways to distribute news and entertainment to our thriving international audience,” said Scott Lamb, VP of International at BuzzFeed. “WeChat’s innovative technology and strong international user base is a natural fit for our first major partnership with an international messaging platform.”


BuzzFeed currently has a readership of 175M globally with 50M readers each month outside the US and 50% of traffic from mobile. WeChat, the fastest growing mobile social communications app, has also seen significant growth this past year with a user base of over 468M monthly active users and young demographic who already enjoy BuzzFeed content.


By following the BuzzFeed official account on WeChat, readers will experience a more personal way of engaging with their favorite content on mobile:

  • Followers will receive a daily piece of viral content circling the web directly on their smartphones.
  • They can chat with BuzzFeed for customized content with special keywords such as cats/dogs/lol/omg/fail/win/wtf, which will be updated on an ongoing basis.
  • And easily share their favorite BuzzFeed stories on WeChat to friends through chats or Moments.

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Be the Next Sticker Sensation with MojiMe

Move over #selfies, customized animated emojis are the newest social craze with the launch of WeChat’s latest app, MojiMe now available to download for Android and iOS users in Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, India, Philippines, South Africa, Italy, China and US users.


Just take a picture of yourself or with a friend and select from dozens of fun character themes to place your face(s) into. Then share your new stickers over WeChat – all for FREE. Uncontrollable laughter will be sure to ensue!

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 3.18.55 PM     Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 3.19.03 PM     Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 3.19.12 PM


With MojiMe, you can choose to customize either single or double stickers. Making a buddy “Moji” is the perfect social activity to do with friends and a cute romantic gesture for your significant other. Or, wing it yourself and easily create Mojis of your own. Both options have a variety of animated character themes to choose from. For single emoji, these include Suprise, TV Drama, Horror Movies and Cute Girl. For buddy emoji, these include MoMo and Rabbit, Prince and Princess, Mr. Cool and Panda, Love Story and BFF. Users can also download even more themes from the sticker gallery by selecting the “+” icon in MojiMe with new ones constantly being added. So whatever your personality or mood may be, there is a theme to help you express it.


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Out Now: WeChat 6.0 for Android and iOS

We’re thrilled to introduce WeChat 6.0 for Android and iOS now available in your Google Play and App Store. This time, we’ve improved your chats by adding the Sight feature allowing you to post 6-second animated video clips directly in your chats or Moments. Now is your chance to show your friends how much of a rockstar you are.  But that’s not all. We’ve also improved the design, made it iOS 8 compatible (for our iOS users) and fixed some pesky bugs. So get on it and upgrade today!


New Feature: Sight

Sight messages are fast to record animated clips that run directly in your chats and Moments when connected to 3G or WIFI. There’s never been an easier way to show your friends what you’re up to on WeChat. Please note, the Sight feature is only accessible for those who have upgraded to WeChat 6.0, so get your friends onboard and let the fun begin!


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WeChat and LinkedIn Introduce New Integration – Making Business More Social

WeChat is thrilled to announce our new integration with LinkedIn to enhance mobile social networking for our users. As LinkedIn connects business professionals all over the world, WeChat provides a global communications platform to increase and deepen these connections.


In the new WeChat 5.4 update for Android, users can now manage their professional identity and relationships on both WeChat and LinkedIn – making it easier to build and sustain professional and social networks.


To increase your professional presence on WeChat and LinkedIn, just follow these four simple steps:


1. Link Your WeChat and LinkedIn Accounts

Bind your LinkedIn account with your WeChat account to see which of your LinkedIn contacts are also using WeChat. To do this, simply select “Add Contacts,” then “Mobile & Other Contacts.” From there, tap “Add LinkedIn Contacts” to add all your LinkedIn contacts on WeChat and start chatting. Once you do, it’s easier than ever to stay in touch with professional connections by dropping a simple sticker, text or creating a group chat with colleagues.

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 12.40.25 AM  Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 12.40.53 AM  Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 12.41.03 AM


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Plan Your Next Getaway in Style with Shangri-La, Hotel Singapore and WeChat

Planning a luxurious getaway to tropical Singapore? Or travel there frequently for work? Whether for work or play, it’s always more enjoyable when you can travel with style and ease.


With the launch of Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore’s WeChat official account, you can do just that.


By subscribing to the official account at ShangrilaSG, WeChat users in Asia can keep an eye out for the latest offers from Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore, make accommodation and dining reservations, learn more about the hotel’s facilities and even check their reservation status.


Traveling in style has never been so easy!


And if this amazing luxury hotel WeChat experience wasn’t enough, Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore has launched a “Share and Win” campaign. By entering, you could be one of three lucky participants to win a one-night stay in the Garden Wing Pool View Room that includes breakfast for two.

WeChat-Shangrila-Hotel-Official Acoount

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GlobalWebIndex: WeChat Popularity Soars to New Heights Worldwide

Happy people showing their modern mobile phones against blue sky

WeChat continues to show robust user base growth according to GlobalWebIndex (GWI). GlobalWebIndex, a market research company specializing in online consumer behavior unveils WeChat’s growing active user base increase of over 55% from Q2 2013 to Q2 2014.


“We are excited about WeChat’s breakthrough and look forward to witnessing its continued growth globally,” said Brett Petersen, Director of Research and Consulting at GlobalWebIndex.


GlobalWebIndex hosts the world’s largest multi-market research study on online consumer behaviors and trends, covering 32 markets and representing 89% of the global internet audience.


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New WeChat 5.4 for Android Released

5.4-Android-WeChat-BannerToday, we’re excited to announce the release of – WeChat 5.4 for Android! We’ve added a new bookmarking feature that takes you to the first unread message in any chat with just one tap. And with the new navigation, we’ve included a “Me” tab for you to easily customize your WeChat settings. So what are you waiting for? Get more out of your WeChat experience and upgrade to 5.4 for Android today.


Check out all of the new features below:


Last Read Message Bookmark: Miss a whole bunch of chat messages? Now you won’t have to worry about being lost in a conversation again. After 10 or more messages, WeChat provides a handy “New Messages” notification.  Simply tap “New Messages” within a chat and you’ll be taken to the start of your new messages to catch up.


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Savor Life’s Best Moments with WeChat

We are thrilled to release “WeChow” today, the first of two “WeChat in Your Life” videos that highlight how WeChatters around the world can use the app to enhance their everyday lives. Whether it be to communicate their next foodie adventure or to overcome stage fright, these videos tell a few of the great stories behind why we create the features we do.

“WeChow” specifically showcases WeChat’s Moments feature, which empowers users to start conversations around images and share them with their close network of friends. The video centers around one man’s quest for the best bowl of ramen by following a noodle-obsessed guy who spends several days sampling bowl after bowl. He uses WeChat to bring his friends along for the journey, taking selfies and writing his reviews. In the end, he finds more than just the perfect bowl of ramen…but also THE ONE girl to start his next adventure.


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New WeChat 5.4 for iOS Available Now


We’re excited to announce our latest update for iOS – WeChat 5.4!  We’ve extended the fun to your iPad with a new fully compatible interface and easy one-scan login feature.  You can now enjoy WeChat on both your iPhone and iPad at the same time.  And with UI improvements and bug fixes, we’re boosting your multi-device experience even further. So what are you waiting for? Take your WeChatting to the next level and upgrade to 5.4 for iOS today.


Check out all the new features below:


iPad Compatibility: Enjoy WeChat in all its glory now on your iPad and stay logged in on both mobile devices. It’s that simple to take your WeChatting experience to the big screen! When you have installed WeChat 5.4 on your iPad, open WeChat on your iPad and select “Use on Phone and iPad” > then on your phone tap the “Discover” tab > choose “Scan QR Code” > then scan the code on your iPad.

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Liftoff with WeChat’s Thunder Raid Game

Your morning commute just got better!


Introducing Thunder Raid, WeChat’s newest action-packed aerial shooter game. Your mission – to shoot down the opposing faction, a fleet of enemy planes each protecting and led by their evil sky boss. Hone your skills by dodging their fires, collecting gold coins and jewels for upgrades and stronger weapon.  Do all successfully and you’re sure to beat the bosses.


But remember, each level has its own evil sky boss piloting an enormous aircraft with each getting tougher and tougher.


The best part is you can customize virtually every aspect of the game – your planes, pilots, attack modes and terrain to fight back.  Wind, Ruby, Candy, Andrew and Ronnal, take your pick! Each character has his or her own weaknesses and strengths; it’s up to you to decide which one is best for you!


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Attention All Fashionistas! WeChat and YOOX are Teaming Up

What do you get when you combine WeChat, friends and fashion? The world is about to find out. We’re announcing a global partnership with online clothing retailer YOOX. What does this mean for WeChatters? In short, a boatload. To kick things off, is launching an official WeChat account where you can shop the latest styles, ask for fashion advice and get access to tons of exclusive features.


360 Degrees Shopping Experience

Discover an interactive look book with pieces from selected by Robert Rabensteiner, fashion editor of L’Uomo Vogue. Then shop the “New Arrivals” section to buy your favorite styles on your smartphone.


Real-Time Style Advice

If you’re still on the fence about how something looks, just chat with a personal stylist in real-time for a fashion tip or two. Yep, it’s good to be in the 21st century.


On-Demand Customer Care

Speak to one of our dedicated Customer Care representatives and get immediate answers to all your questions.

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Change the Past with Message Recall on WeChat 5.3.1 for iOS and Android

5.3.1 iOS Banner Image

Announcing our new Message Recall feature on WeChat 5.3.1 for iOS and Android. Unsend any message sent within the last two minutes instantly. If both parties are upgraded to 5.3.1, just long press the message you would like to recall, tap the right arrow and select “Unsend.” It’s like it never happened.


Best of all, that’s just one of the many new features we’ve added to make connecting with friends even easier. Check them all out below.

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