Step Your Way to Fitness with WeRun

Are you looking to be more active in your day-to-day routine? To help you get there, we created the WeRun-WeChat official account, where you’ll be able to know exactly how many strides you have taken every day and see how you match up to your friends on WeChat who follow the official account.

WeChat WeRun WeChat WeRun Me Page

With your permission, the WeRun-WeChat official account records the number of steps you take a day. You will also receive a daily message notifying how far you are to reaching your goal.


If friendly competition helps motivate you, you can see how you stack up on your daily leaderboard. No matter how you rank, you’ll be able like your friends’ steps, share your results to chats, and even publish them on Moments.


As an added incentive, if you are number one on the leaderboard at the end of the day, you’ll be able to set the cover photo on all your friends’ leaderboards!


For those already using a fitness tracker, there’s good news the official account can also be paired with select wearable fitness devices.


So see how fun fitness can be with the WeRun-WeChat official account, exclusively on WeChat! Just search the username “WeRun-WeChat” and follow the account.