Out Now: WeChat 6.2 for iOS and Android Featuring Moments Translation


When it comes to communication, we’re focused on making the experience faster, better and easier for WeChatters all over the world. That’s why we’re eager to introduce WeChat 6.2 for iOS and Android, now with translation for Moments. We’ve also simplified the chat history migration process when switching to a new device, added a new photo picker tool to make sending images even faster, included a few upgrades for Android Wear and much more.


Moments Translation


With 21 languages supported in the new translation feature for Moments, you can instantly convert your friends’ posts into your language.


  • Long-press the Moments post you would like to translate.
  • Select Translate and watch as the post appears in your language.


Hint: You can also translate any Moments comments with a simple long-press!


05-WeChat-6.2.-Moments-Translation 06-WeChat-6.2-Moments-Translation


Chat Log Migration


Formerly known as “Chat History Backup,” we’ve made a few tweaks to make the chat history backup process quick and simple. It’s the new way to transfer your chat history to a new device. Please note, your device must be connected to a charger or have at least 30% battery life to perform the migration.


  • Ensure that both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network for the fastest performance
  • In your current phone, press Me > Settings > General > Chat Log Migration.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to transfer your chat history in no time.


01-WeChat-6.2-Chat-Migration 02-WeChat-6.2-Chat-Migration


Photo Picker


The new photo picker tool makes it even faster and easier to send images and videos to your friends in your chats. You’ll notice the difference.

03-WeChat-6.2-Photo-Picker-Tool 04-WeChat-6.2-Photo-Picker-Tool


Android Wear Improvements


We’ve added a few nifty features for Android Wear-compatible watches so that you can enjoy  WeChat from your wrist:


  • Start a new chat from your watch.
  • Send text-based messages.
  • Reply to a conversation with stickers.
  • Send your heart rate information to your contacts.


Other Upgrades


In addition to all of the new features and improvements, we’ve enhanced the Apple Watch experience and introduced two new language options: Burmese (Android only) and Traditional Chinese – Hong Kong (Android only), making WeChat even more accessible for WeChatters everywhere.


Upgrade to WeChat 6.2 for iOS or WeChat 6.2 for Android today and get started with all of these new features and improvements!