Sticker Story – Your Beloved MamaBB Pau Stickers Are Back!


In our busy lives, we don’t always get to spend enough quality time with our families, but it doesn’t mean we can’t find ways to share the everyday moments with our loved ones, letting them know we’re thinking of them.


Whether you’re living in the same city or oceans apart, it’s fun and easy to stay in touch with your family through WeChat. With all the different features, there are multiple ways to show your love, via stickers, Sight, group chat (this one’s especially useful for all you WeChatters who have a lot of siblings) and more.


After the recent Mother’s Day holiday, we were inspired to create a sticker set that showcases the relationship between a mother and her child. So today, we are re-introducing your favorite mother-son duo, Mama and BB Pau, the cute xiao long bao (soup dumpling) stickers.


Mama Pau

Mama Pau is no different from the other moms of the world: she’s a perfectionist and is extremely responsible, but most of all, she is loving, and enjoys smothering her adorable son, BB Pau, with hugs and kisses. She’s also a whiz in the kitchen, and loves nothing more than cooking up a storm for her number one son.


BB Pau

BB Pau can be very silly, especially with his high energy levels. Being so hyperactive, he’s always looking for ways to have fun and with a natural curiosity for exploring the world, he’s a true adventurer. Though he may be an independent soul, he will always love spending time with his mom – especially over dinner, and enjoying the meal together while catching up.


Whatever the occasion, you can send these fun stickers to your mom, reminding her that no matter what, you’ll always be her little dumpling.


To use the Mama and BB Pau stickers, download WeChat today and visit the Sticker Gallery to see the wide variety of stickers to download and use. Available in select countries.