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Happy Chinese New Year From WeChat

To help you celebrate, we’ve packaged six red envelopes filled with WeChat tips and tricks to ensure your Chinese New Year holidays are fun-filled and smooth sailing from here on out.

WeChat Chinese New Year Infographic

Ringing in the New Year


Show off your sensational Sights

Start your Lunar New Year with the festive lion dance! Capture and share the loud drum celebrations and dance action by recording a Sight video. To get started, visit your “WeChat” tab > Swipe to the bottom > “Hold to Capture” > Begin recording > Post it to Moments or share it privately with your friends. You can also save it in your “Drafts” if you’d like to send it later.


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Sticker Story – Ring in the Chinese New Year with Spring Festival Stickers

As we usher in the year of the sheep, it’s only appropriate to get into the spirit with WeChat stickers and we have two sticker packs specially designed for Chinese New Year to do just that:


Happy Spring Festival


This year, Mon-Mon, Curly Pete and Frog and Horse are gathering around as one big WeChat family to honor the Lunar New Year. Each one has their own special spin on each tradition that when they all come together in one sticker pack is sure to bring happiness to any chat conversation.

2.pic_hdSo whether you are asking for red packets on WeChat, saying thank you for them or sharing good memories, be sure to drop one of these sticker friends while chatting.


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Roar! Dinosaurs Come Alive on WeChat

WeChat is once again proving how it can bring the on and offline worlds together, by taking on the world of exhibitions in South Africa. The Dinos Alive Play Park, with dinosaur rides, animatronic dinosaurs and educational opportunities for children, has integrated a WeChat OA into the experience to change the way consumers engage with exhibitions. Visitors can receive all the information they need to know about the event in one central location on their mobile phones – simply by logging on to WeChat and following the DinosAlive official account.


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How to Have the Best Valentine’s Day

Whatever your relationship status this Valentine’s Day, WeChat has all of the tools to help you celebrate this romantic time the way that works for you.


Totally in Love

Feeling warm and fuzzy with butterflies fluttering in your stomach? Or maybe you can’t stop thinking about that special someone and your eyes light up when you’re with them. That’s what they call love, and we have the prescription for it.


Customizable Valentine’s Day E-Cards

Every romance has its own special story and sometimes, regular cards just don’t cut it. Instantly customize your photo then send the free e-card to your special someone. Get started by visiting the menu in the WeChat Team account.


Available in select regions.


Animated Stickers

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then imagine how many love letters you can write with animated stickers. Melt your lover’s heart with our “Sweet Love” and “Trainee Cupid” sticker sets. Download them for free in our sticker gallery.

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Sticker Story – Love is in the Air and in WeChat’s Sticker Gallery!

Centuries ago, love was expressed with words, strung together carefully to create love letters or poems, which would take months to deliver. With today’s technology, sending a thoughtful message can be done in a matter of seconds.


But why not take it a step further? Let our stickers help you express the feelings that words can’t always describe. This Valentine’s Day, we’ve prepared two sticker sets for you to share with friends, family or that special someone: Trainee Cupid and Sweet Love.


Trainee Cupid



Meet Beetee, the world’s cutest Cupid-in-training! He loves nothing more than a delicious batch of honey and buzzing around.


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Get Digi-tal with WeChat

For all our WeChatters in Malaysia, we have good news. WeChat is now partnering with Malaysian telecommunications giant Digi Telecommunications to provide an easier way for Digi customers to manage their account and services straight from their mobile device. Check out all the features of the new Digi WeChat official account below.

Digi WeChat


When you’re WeChatting away, the last thing you want to do is leave a chat to check on your mobile account details. By following the Digi official account, users are able to check their personal account status, purchase additional data, gain access to exclusive rewards, as well as send feedback to Digi’s customer service team.


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Ten Sports Brings Your Games to WeChat

TenSports WeChat

Ten Sports, the most popular sports channel in India has launched their official account on WeChat.


If you’re an avid sports fan wanting all the latest news on football, tennis, golf and WWE (among many other sports) – then the Ten Sports official account is the place for you. By following WeChat Official accounts, WeChatters have access to some nifty features to keep up to date with all the action and entertainment in the world of sports, fashion, news, and events, just to name a few.


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