BubbleBot Tech Tip: Style Your QR Code

For 2015, we’re introducing a new series of tech tip posts featuring the loveable BubbleBot, your WeChat “How To” guru. Each month, we’ll give a special tip straight from our team to make sure your New Year chatting is the best one yet.


After recovering from the holiday festivities, it’s now time to start on those New Year’s resolutions and spruce up your 2015 style – starting with your WeChat account.


Your personal WeChat QR code says a lot about you, so make sure it’s as fun as you are!


Here’s how:

1. Click on ‘Me’ in the bottom right corner of your WeChat screen. This will bring up your ‘Me’ settings screen where you can click on the section displaying your profile summary and name

WeChat QR 1

2. Click on ‘My QR Code’.

WeChat QR 2

You’ll see your default QR Code on your screen (unless you’ve already tech whizzed your way to a new design). To mix it up, simply click on the ‘…’ in the top right hand corner.

WeChat QR 2.5

3. Click ‘Change Style’ to click through the different QR Code designs that are available for your choosing.


Ready To Go

And that’s all the information you need to know to dress up your QR Code.

WeChat QR Codes

Whether you’re looking to add some extra color to your day with a sunflower, feeling hungry for a slice of toast or going on a girls’ road trip, take your pick. Who said that dressing up is only for us WeChatters and our holiday get ups!