Celebrate the Holidays WeChat Style

This holiday season, WeChat is bringing you five fun ways to celebrate and share your holiday cheer. Whether your loved ones are near or far, stay in touch with friends and family in true festive style as you get into the holiday spirit.


1. Christmas-ize and Personalize your stickers with MojiMe

Sending personalized MojiMe stickers is one of our favorite ways to light up a chat conversation. Our new range of Christmas stickers are now ready for you to customize and share with friends and family.


Download the MojiMe for iOS or MojiMe for Android  Christmas version and dress yourself up as a Christmas tree, snowman or even Santa Claus. It’s sure to bring lots of laughs and smiles.


2. Make it “Snow” Emoticons

Last week, we revealed the secret falling emoticons that cascade down your screen when you type in special keywords in your WeChats. When you wish your friends and family “Happy Holidays” or “Merry Christmas” you’ll be in for a treat as cheery Christmas tree emoticons fall from the sky.


Don’t forget to check back during the New Year for more snowing emoticons.


3. Christmas Stickers

Sending stickers makes celebrating special events and occasions even more fun – and this holiday season is no exception. Color your WeChat chats silly with festive and fun stickers of Santa Claus, snowmen, cute reindeer and more.


Be sure to download all the new sets in the WeChat Sticker Gallery.


4. Show Off Your Best Sights

They say pictures speak a thousand words, but what about videos? Send your friends and family 6 second Sights of Christmas trees, Christmas lights, family dinners, and nights out with friends as you get into the festive spirit.


5. Create Your Own Holiday Cards

We’re feeling as festive as ever now that we have so many holiday goodies in store for you. But that’s not all, you can also create personalized Christmas cards for your friends and family with WeChat this year! Just stay tuned for a message from the WeChat Team with all the details.


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