Sticker Story – Hey Good Thinking Stickers Are Genius!

WeChat-Einstein-Good-ThinkingThanks to the incredible and accessible information on the Internet, we know many of our users are geniuses (or at least pretty darn smart)! The downside is that being a genius takes a lot of work and can be tiring. That’s where our new Hey Good Thinking sticker set comes in.


While Albert Einstein, the character behind Hey Good Thinking, is known for his chops in math and physics, he’s also a shy guy who loves playing the violin and having fun! Whether it’s sipping drinks from a beaker or coming up with the next big theory, he knows the importance of maintaining a youthful spirit. But hey, it’s all relative, right?


Inspired by one of the world’s most powerful and genius minds, Hey Good Thinking stickers are now available to download in the WeChat sticker gallery, so you can work hard, think big and have fun all at the same time. So go ahead, take a study break with Albert Einstein so you can recharge and ace life!