Sticker Story – Haunt Your Chats with The Orange Lantern and Halloweeny

Happy Halloween! In honor of this spook-tastic holiday, we’ve added two trickster sticker sets to make this Halloween the best one yet!


The Orange Lantern


Never fear! Halloween’s biggest super hero is here. Introducing The Orange Lantern! This little hero is here to save all the trick-o-treaters from dastardly spooks and candy thieves so that every kid gets their sugar goodies for the night.


His source of power comes from chocolate candies like Kit Kats, Twix and Snickers. And his weakness? Healthy vegetables. Blech.


From fighting crime to passing out candy, The Orange Lantern will bring more tricks and treats to Halloween this year! And maybe, just maybe, you’ll find out who’s really underneath that pumpkin mask.




Who says Halloween characters have to be so frightening? Meet Winnie and Benjamin, the two best Halloween pals.

They met as neighbors but then their friendship grows sweeter each Halloween.


Winnie, a little witch, is a minnie drama queen and loves being the center of attention. This silly witch is a free spirit who enjoys dancing in the sky and cooking for her friends. But be careful not to eat too many dishes prepared from her cauldron. You’ll never know what will be inside. She has the power to bewitch you instantly.


Benjamin is a polite little vampire who is known for his smarts and kind heart. What is his favorite dish prepared by Winnie? A delicious blood bag filled to the top! For him, biting humans for blood is too violent, so he resorts to these “food packets.” This gentle creature loves his music and movies. Interesting fact: When Benjamin is in a great mood, he’ll turn into a bat!


Together, Winnie and Benjamin will make this year’s Halloween celebration a little more enchanting.


Our new Halloween stickers are hauntingly fun and silly, so download Halloweeny or The Orange Lantern from the WeChat Sticker Gallery today. Both stickers are available in select markets.