Out Now: WeChat 6.0 for Android and iOS

We’re thrilled to introduce WeChat 6.0 for Android and iOS now available in your Google Play and App Store. This time, we’ve improved your chats by adding the Sight feature allowing you to post 6-second animated video clips directly in your chats or Moments. Now is your chance to show your friends how much of a rockstar you are.  But that’s not all. We’ve also improved the design, made it iOS 8 compatible (for our iOS users) and fixed some pesky bugs. So get on it and upgrade today!


New Feature: Sight

Sight messages are fast to record animated clips that run directly in your chats and Moments when connected to 3G or WIFI. There’s never been an easier way to show your friends what you’re up to on WeChat. Please note, the Sight feature is only accessible for those who have upgraded to WeChat 6.0, so get your friends onboard and let the fun begin!


Sight for Chats:

  • Tap the ‘+’ button then Sight when in a chat to access the feature.
  • Press and hold to record a new video message and release to send instantly.

Chat Screen 1     Chat Screen 2

Sight for Moments:

  • Visit Moments, a streaming feed of you and your friends’ photos, links, and now video, then tap the camera icon in the upper right corner.
  • Select a ‘Sight’ moment to take and post a new video.

WeChat Moments Sight Screen 2     WeChat Moments Sight Screen 1

Creating New Sights is Fast

Capturing that exciting moment with a Sight is incredibly easy. Just open WeChat, pull down the screen when you’re in the main WeChat chats tab and start recording. After creating your Sight, select where you want to send it and you’re done.

Sight Main Tab   Main Chat Screen 2   Sight Main Tab 2

Other Improvements

In addition WeChat 6.0 includes numerous visual enhancements, including a new tab bar for iOS, a new easy to access sticker button in chats for Android and full iOS 8 compatibility!

Android_Free Sticker

Bring your exciting everyday moments to life through Sight and enjoy WeChat’s new look. Go and download WeChat 6.0 for iOS or WeChat 6.0 for Android.