New York City Couple Uses Only Emojis to Communicate for One Month

Alex Goldmark and his girlfriend, Liza Stark, had the ultimate WeChat experience – using only stickers to communicate for a whole month.  Listen to their New Tech City story and how they used WeChat stickers for the journey. 

Face it, Emoji is here to stay. Texting is visual, and images can enhance how we talk. But, will it also change the content of what we say to each other?


In this intimate episode, one couple banishes all written words from text messages for a month to see how it alters their emotional vocabulary. Along the way they are forced to create their own lexicon of imagery — oddly, not terribly unlike ancient Egyptians and Sumerians. Naturally, this 21st century couple hits a few comical communications mishaps as they build a visual language of two.

At the end of the experiment, Emoji-only texting seems to morph from a guinea pig gimmick into a profound lesson in what is often missing from the written word: nuanced emotion.


Grocery shopping though gets way harder.


The story above was originally published in New Tech City.