Some Things Are Better Left Un-Sent

Ever sent a message and immediately thought “Uh oh”?


Yep, we have too. That’s why WeChat created Recall—the feature that allows you to take a sent message and *POOF* make it completely disappear. Here are some of life’s sticky situations that Recall can save you from.


Too Many Typos

When you’re typing too fast, hit send and realize your message is a mess—Recall.   WeChat-Message-Recall-Feature-Text

Wrong Contact

For the times you send a message to the wrong person or the wrong group— Recall.   WeChat-Feature-Message-Recall

Autocorrect Fail

For the words that autocorrect and change the meaning of your message—Recall.   WeChat-Feature-Message-Recall-Date

Awful Responses

When your response is written and sent faster than your brain can process what you’ve said—Recall.   WeChat-Message-Recall-Feature

Spontaneous Stickers

For when you send a sticker with your message and later realize it’s completely inappropriate—Recall.   WeChat-Message-Recall-Feature

For these scenarios and others that need recalling, here’s how the “Recall” feature works:


After up to 2 mins from sending a message:

  • Long press the message you want to recall.
  • Tap the arrow
  • Select the “Recall” option

From there, the last message you sent will disappear. Happy chatting!