Savor Life’s Best Moments with WeChat

We are thrilled to release “WeChow” today, the first of two “WeChat in Your Life” videos that highlight how WeChatters around the world can use the app to enhance their everyday lives. Whether it be to communicate their next foodie adventure or to overcome stage fright, these videos tell a few of the great stories behind why we create the features we do.

“WeChow” specifically showcases WeChat’s Moments feature, which empowers users to start conversations around images and share them with their close network of friends. The video centers around one man’s quest for the best bowl of ramen by following a noodle-obsessed guy who spends several days sampling bowl after bowl. He uses WeChat to bring his friends along for the journey, taking selfies and writing his reviews. In the end, he finds more than just the perfect bowl of ramen…but also THE ONE girl to start his next adventure.


Stay tuned for our next “WeChat in Your Life” video, “WeShine,” which will be released next week. In the meantime, check out the official WeChat YouTube page for more fun videos.


Both videos were created by WeChat and San Francisco based video agency, 1/29 Films.