San Francisco Students Get Their Game on with WeChat and Mission Bit

High school students present their final mobile games at Mission Bit's Demo Day.

High school students present their final mobile games at Mission Bit’s Demo Day.


The beauty of programming is that you start with nothing, but with a few lines of code you can create just about anything.


Understanding the power of programing and technology to give back to the community, we partnered with Mission Bit, a San Francisco non-profit organization to empower public high school students with the skills and confidence to build software that aligns with their passions.


In just six weeks, 12 students with little to no programming experience showcased three fully functional games at their demo day on July 10, 2014 – including two RPG-style games and one platformer. Students presented their games to press and industry panelists, including members from Google Play and WeChat.


In addition to learning new coding skills, the students also walked away with lessons in teamwork. And WeChat was there along the way to help as a tool for group communication.


“I learned a lot about teamwork, prioritization and definitely the value of persistence,” said Susan Tham, an incoming freshman at the University of California, Irvine who worked on the Protators game. “Staying up-to-date with teammates is important to maintain a good environment and to make sure that people will want to continue working with you.“


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