The Art of Posting WeChat Moments

Since the advent of smartphones, the quest for the perfect pic has changed. From the classic skinny-arm pose and oh-so obnoxious duck face, to the omnipresent #selfie and the mouth-watering albums of food porn, cell phone snapshots have become an art form unto themselves. So when you’re using the WeChat Moments feature, how can you take photos that capture moments in all their knee-slapping, tear-jerking glory? Here are our top tips for transforming your moments into masterpieces.


First Thing’s First: Snap a Mobile Masterpiece

Start by cleaning your phone’s camera lense. It sounds basic, but your lense attracts a lot of dust, dirt and smudges, so wiping it clean can be a great way to boost photo quality. Plus it gives your t-shirt another purpose in life.


Next is a secret from the pros called the “Rule of Thirds.” Just visualize a 3X3 grid over your screen, dividing it into nine equal parts. To masterfully compose a shot, make sure important elements are placed along these lines or at their intersection.

Rule of thirds art of moments post

Also, try not to use your flash. Instead, find an alternate light source or try adjusting your camera’s brightness settings. Just don’t touch that lightning icon because no one looks attractive after a flash. NO ONE.


Next Up, Be a Great Storyteller

Picture this: you just got a mindblowing makeover. Why not tell the whole story with a little before-and-after action? Yep, Moments lets you share multiple pics in one epic post.


Also, maybe you’re on a cross-country road trip. You can chronicle the entire journey by grouping photos from multiple posts into one album. Just be sure to capture the most unpredictable parts of the trip.  Driving in the car = snoozeville, but a cat with a map navigating in the passenger’s seat? Now that’s a moment!


Once you’ve got your post, complete the story by tagging your location and mentioning friends. Any WeChat contacts you tag will get a friendly shout-out notification.


Most Importantly, Fearlessly Be Yourself

There’s only one way to make your Moments timeline uniquely yours: be your creative, funny, and sometimes silly self, without worry of oversharing. Don’t want Mom to see last night’s bachelor party? WeChat lets you carefully select who sees certain posts, plus comments are only viewable by friends, so what happens in Vegas, really, truly, absotively, posolutely stays in Vegas.


And there you have it. Now go forth, intrepid soul, and live each moment to it’s full potential!