Race Across the #WeChatWorld – On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

WeChat is bringing four beloved stickers to life in an epic 3D race around the world – #WeChatWorld Challenge. The race begins in vibrant Tokyo, then takes the characters across different cities in Asia, until it finally ends in the “fragrant harbor” – Hong Kong. The entire race is captured through a series of fun animated videos that will be released throughout the month. See how these delightful stickers best one another with their physical prowess, and intelligent scheming. The first leg of the race is now available to watch on Chatterbox today.


Which character do you think will finish first?

Read about each sticker below to root for your favorite!

5 Mon Mon image 3


Our resident monster big enough to trample across cities, but this friendly giant can be easily distracted. Will she be able to resist temptations long enough to win the race?



Pretty Doris

Pretty Doris may be small, but she knows she’s a cutie and she is certainly using it to her advantage against her fellow racers. In this race across Asia, is brains and beauty what it takes to win the championship?


7 Horse image

Silly Horse

Silly horse has the speed and agility on his side but he doesn’t have the best sense of direction. How will Horse fare against the others?


6 BubbleBot image

Bubble Bot

BubbleBot’s intelligence may be artificial, but there is certainly a lot of it. He’s the perfect marshal of this contest!


Cheer and vote for your favorite sticker, but don’t let them have all the fun. All the stickers are also available to download from the WeChat Sticker Gallery.


And remember to stay tuned for more videos, which will be released on YouTube and Facebook to find out who will take the crown!